What is Googie/Space Age Architecture?

The mid-twentieth century was a pinnacle in American architecture because of the large number of structures influenced by the advancements in the industry, automobile culture, and the space era. The emergence of atomic technology promised an advanced nuclear-powered society, while the space race made people think humans could soon visit the Moon … Read more

What is New Formalistic Architecture?

Airial view of the Kennedy Performing Arts

Architecture has a strong social component and may be viewed as an organically social form of expression. As society grows and evolves, people’s condition changes, so the forms and styles of architectural structures and new form of architecture are developed to suit the needs of the people and the society.  Understanding New … Read more

What is High-Tech Architecture?

The London Ark

Scientific and technological advancements significantly impacted industrialized countries in the 1970s. In 1969, the space competition culminated with the Apollo moon landing. As a result of this fast military advancement, many individuals today believe that technology innovation can accomplish more than previously thought possible. As a result, architects began to include high-tech … Read more

What is Renaissance Revival Architecture?

What is Renaissance Revival Architecture?

Americans love everything Italian, not just pizza, pasta, and wine. Ancient Roman art and architecture served as the inspiration for many of the first American national aesthetics. Americans have often gotten design ideas from Italy. As a result, Roman and Italian designs have been used in many ways in American landscapes. Just … Read more

What is Brutalist Architecture?

What is Brutalist Architecture

You’ve probably been in a brutalist building and you may be one of those who disliked its unconventional style and seemingly unappealing look. This unappealing architectural style originates in Eastern Europe. Famous for college campuses, high-rise housing, shops, and government developments. Brutalism was dubbed “concrete monstrosity” and was the most hated style … Read more

What is Art Deco Architecture?

New York City's Chrysler Building

Architecture, like all human endeavors, has always progressed. With the ever-changing world, architecture has evolved, giving birth to new architectural concepts, just like art deco architecture, making things more unconventional but exciting. What is Art Deco Architecture? Art Deco is a style that is both attractive and not at all minimalistic. Modern … Read more

What is Beaux-Arts Architecture?

element of Greek and italian Beaux Art Architecture

Unsurprisingly, Paris is one of the world’s top architectural influences. Since its beginnings, the city has been a pioneer in various fields, including fashion, art, and music. The dramatic architecture of the Beaux-Arts movement dates to France in the 19th century. This architectural style is known for its luxury and panoramic flair. … Read more

What is Art Nouveau Architecture?

Maison de l’Art Nouveau

Those who have been to Paris or seen images of it must have remembered the plant-like, swirling gates that open into the city’s subway system. Thanks to Hector Guimard’s timeless design for the entrances, Style Metro has maintained as one of the symbols for Art Nouveau in France. The design was unveiled … Read more