What is Neoclassical/Greek Revival Architecture?

US Building Capitol

Throughout history, architecture has served as a symbol of society, capturing various cultures’ ideals, aspirations, and failures. Art and architecture are essential to understanding the U.S. and world history, as well as the present. Recalling the U.S.’s founding values and the challenges it faced on its way to independence is essential to … Read more

What are Colonial and Neo-Colonial Architecture?

Travelers adore exploring a new city’s architecture. Colonial and Neocolonial structures symbolize North America’s colonial past. They were built in the 19th and 20th centuries and borrowed ideas from Georgian and Spanish Colonials. Genuine colonial homes were built before the American Revolutionary War. Colonial Revivals and Neocolonial bungalows draw inspiration from colonial … Read more

80’s Style Homes In New York

large buildings in New York

People from New York, both new and old, like to reminisce about the 1980s, describing the era as “dark” and “bad times.” It was a distinct era for New York, and most people who survived this era may feel nostalgic when reminiscing this time. The ’80s were indeed a different era. This … Read more

How commercial buildings can deal with a roach problem?

How commercial buildings can deal with a roach problem

You liked a commercial space in Boise for your office or restaurant at first sight. But when you saw cockroach infestation, you thought to yourself that let’s not get into this. After all, dealing with a roach problem is not an easy thing. While these look ugly and menacing, roaches can damage … Read more

Which to Use – Ionic or Doric or Corinthian Columns?

An Image Displaying Ancient Columns of Greek Architecture.

Ionic, Doric, and Corinthian columns are the architectural orders that originated in the classic era of ancient Greeks. These architectural orders differ from one another in their structure and outlook.  The structural integrity of these columns is commendable in providing support to the buildings. They are quite unique in their style and … Read more

What are the other Architecture Column Types Other Than Greek?

Column of the Garden Monument in Waterloo.

The Greeks have been known for their famous practices in architecture and construction. Much of what Greeks have done has helped modern humans in improving on to their practices by better construction techniques. There are different 3 types of Greek Column structures which include the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian columns. However, these … Read more

Tips for Using Corinthian Columns in Your Home

A Low-angle Picture of Corinthian Style Columns.

Every individual likes to have a house of elegance, grandeur, style and magnificence. There is a lot of things that can be constructed in several ways to give an impression of variety and splendor in the structural design of your house. Even the minute details matter to a great extent when it … Read more

History of the Empire State Building

the Empire State Building

Whether you are a local in New York City or a tourist, you simply cannot ignore the looming structure that is the Empire State Building. While today the building no longer has the status of the tallest building in New York, let alone in the world, it still occupies a position of … Read more