Tips for Using Corinthian Columns in Your Home


Every individual likes to have a house of elegance, grandeur, style and magnificence. There is a lot of things that can be constructed in several ways to give an impression of variety and splendor in the structural design of your house. Even the minute details matter to a great extent when it comes to the design and decoration in the construction of your house.

Columns make an integral part of any building. Particularly, the structure and design of a house always need columns to provide support to the roof. Therefore, a number of choices are there to install any of the column type in your house. One is surely eager to select the kind of columns that will effectively suffice the support of the roof’s load and also the purpose of decoration and ornamentation to provide an enthralling outlook to your house.

Origin of Corinthian Order of Columns

Corinthian order of columns features an ornate style and perfection that was developed in the city of Corinth, hence the name is Corinthian, derived from its place of development. This order of columns is regarded as one of the finest and amazing Classic architectural structures. Corinthian columns can be fixed in your home in a variety of ways and proportions that can certainly offer the best outlook as well as the best support.

The structural framework of these columns include the following:

  • Grooved Shafts and Fluted Capitals are located on these columns.
  • Flowers, Acanthus leaves, and small scrolls are carved on the Capital part for decorative purpose.
  • The ornamented patterns located on the Capital part flare outwardly that give an impression of height to its viewers.
  • These columns have the most impressive, taller and slender impact as compared to the other orders of column.

The Corinthian order of columns is particularly best suited for extraordinary homes, grand state’s buildings, great public places, Government buildings and Greek revival mansions. Ordinary homes are not suited to adopt the Corinthian order and therefore rarely this style is applied to them.

An Image of Corinthian Columns Used in Theatre.The Corinthian columns depicts an ancient Greek architecture that flourished the classic era. The whole trend is then subsequently followed by the generation afterwards. The incorporation of modifications also took place with the passage of time, but there is no era that has not used one of the Greek architectural orders in their public buildings and houses.

The Corinthian columns are the latest order that was promulgated by the Greeks. However, this order was not applied frequently to the overall architecture of the Greeks. The Romans in this regard, are quite worth-mentioning as they preferred this style of architecture in their constructions.

The Best Choice

In this regard, any choice or combination of structures from the ancient classic architecture is still the best one. The reason of their prevalence and relevance still today, even after thousands of years, can be attributed to their characteristic features including their grandeur, adorned patterns, varieties, style and reliability.

The Greek architecture is the best example to follow and adopt the selected modification and variation that have become part of it over centuries. The construction of columns is almost universal to the structure of a house that not only provides support but also glamour and decoration in terms of its captivating appeal. The appearance can be polished according to one’s own choice.

Following are the tips regarding the usage of Corinthian columns in building your home. One should always look for the detailed analysis of every option before it is implemented in the structure of home.

The structure and Location of the Column

If you are building your house and luckily you fortunate enough to consult an architect or structural engineer, then make yourself acquainted with the entire details about the structure and locations of columns. When you are thoroughly informed about the whole design and the structural space of your house, then go for the best option of your choosing.

Corinthian columns were used by ancient Greeks for interiors particularly. The right placement of these Corinthian columns in your house can give you the best possible satisfaction of availing the maximum outcome in the form of well-adjusted format and perfect layout.

Generally, columns are well suited to places in your house with larger spaces such as living room, open kitchens and family halls etc. Without prior information and knowledge about the construction of your house, you can possibly experience the consequences of rash decisions.

Furniture Layout Around the Columns

It is quite suitable to place the furniture around the columns. Keeping the well-adorned outlook of Corinthian columns, the decorative appearance of your house will further be enhanced through the comfort and style of your furniture placed around them. The columns are likely to occupy the focal positions in the house and hence provide a perfect and enjoyable setting for the placement of furniture to avail the company of friends and family.

Similarly, the outdoor columns are equally suited for the placement of furniture around them. There are several ways to decorate your columns at the exterior decks of your house in the form of column wrapping and other decorations along with the furniture placement. All of these scenarios can work at its best to be displayed creatively at your house.

Corinthian order is a luxury

Typical representation of the Classic age in the form of ancient Greek architectural order, the Corinthian columns are undoubtedly a luxury to add to the appealing features of your house. By using Corinthian columns, you are adding a luxurious feature to your house.

The Corinthian order is now being used in combinations and with multiple modifications. You can avail the luxury of its modified versions as well. In today’s modern times, there are numerous options that can be taken into account in such a cases. You can easily select the type and combination for your house. Always select the one that suits your taste as well as the overall demand. The capitals of the columns featuring decorative patterns and the figure of leaves of Acanthus plant as used in ancient times, with adorned carvings, and eye-catching Doric bases and Tuscan styles, are impossible to ignore in this regard.

Select the best Architectural Style

The Corinthian order of columns is not a fixed one. The alteration in its structure and designs are quite the finest choices that you can avail. A combination of Corinthian with Ionic order has given rise to the Composite style. The fluted appearance along with the ornamented carvings that are elaborated on the Corinthian columns cannot be ignored that easily.

Therefore, Corinthian columns make the best choice for your house structural design. By selecting Corinthian column willingly for your house, you are making it great by adding the grandeur from classic period and the creative enhancement of the today’s world as well.

Greenery Around Exterior Columns

Exterior columns serve as focal points in the house. If greenery is used around those exterior columns in your house, then the Corinthian columns with their decorative appeal can really suit beauty of greenery around it. This whole picture of natural greenery of grasses, and small plants can remarkably attribute to the beauty and grandeur of your house.

Moreover, foliage that grows and climbs over the exterior of the columns are perfectly suited in this regard to enhance the beauty and style. Therefore, you are always recommended to use greenery around the exterior columns of your house. Climbing ivy is well known plant in this regard that is equally beneficial for both exterior locations and interior applications.

Always select the Best Material for Your Columns

Since it is your own house that you are going to live in, you definitely do not want to purchase substandard material for its construction and decoration. Similarly, columns in this regard are available with additional advantages. For example, the columns are not necessarily required to be made of stone, marble or wood.

In the beginning, these columns were more likely to be made of either stone, marble or wood. The columns made of wood are often carved and painted in a way that look like marble. However, you can make outlook as you want according to your own choice.

The columns available today are further developed as they are lighter in weight, easier to maintain and with better cost price effectiveness too. The same goes for the Corinthian columns as well in terms of its structure, patterns, decoration and style.

Therefore, you are always recommended to use the best quality materials in building your house and erecting Corinthian columns in it to ensure the maximum outcome.

Use of Non-Load Bearing Columns

The primary function of using columns in the structural designs of building is to provide support to bear the load. In Greeks era, the purpose of columns was to ensure the appropriate support for the load of the building. However, Romans also used for multiple purposes. They used these columns not only to provide the support but also to enhance the outlook and appearance by making it well adorned with decorative patterns on them.

A Picture Depicting Interior of the house.In today’s modern world too, the architects and structural engineers are keen to include Faux or non-structural columns in their designs. This is done for the purpose of enhancing the aesthetics and appearance of the house. The main purpose is to increase the charm of the outlook, making it catchy and absorbing.  The Corinthian style suits the intended purpose here because of it decorated outlook and splendid design.


The Corinthian order of columns represents the most refined, elaborated and well-adorned order among the main Greek architectural orders. Due to the lavishness of Corinthian order of columns, they are not commonly used for ordinary constructions. Rather, they are perfect for luxurious, lavish and refined constructions of highly elaborated structures. The design, structural, placement and the material along with several other factors that are mentioned and discussed here are recommended to take into account before using Corinthian columns in your home. The adaptations and adjustability of these columns are convenient to follow and apply in these styles in your home as long as they suit your setting effectively.

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